Sum It Up Saturday

Monday, March 15, 2010

So this wasn't a half bad week...for the most part I was chilling at home. Tuesday I talked to the antagonist for a looooong time. That was mentally exhausting. Wednesday I put in my Avon order..I'll have it Monday..yay! Friday we got paid, so I met up with my neighbor across the street, and we had chicken gnocchi soup. Yum! Then I went to the craft store, and got stuck in there for a long time, because we had a horrendous storm blow in and the winds were so high it wasn't safe to leave the store. But I found cute decorations for the baby. Today was rough though. I went grocery shopping, thinking it would be okay so long as I went later in the afternoon. It was a nightmare! Ack, never on Saturday again, lol. By the time I left the store, my sciatic nerve was burning so much that I could barely walk from the cart return to the car. But when I got home, I had an awesome surprise. My VA claim has gone through, and I'll be officially getting a paycheck now. Woohoo!


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