Men's Meme Monday: Stress Relief

Monday, June 14, 2010

Men's Monday Meme

Okay once again, it's time around for the Men's Meme. I will ask a question from Tim@Families Again and Gunlover will answer. His answer will be in green. :) Again my notations will be included, but I will not answer, or influence the answer.

How do you deal with stress? 
Playing video games...shooting virtual people in the face! (Me: It's a military thing..I think every military guy I know loves COD)
Is there really a good way to do it? 
Relieve stress? Well yeah!! But this is a family blog so...guess!! hehe. (Me: *staring at him over Skype*)
Is there a Biblical way? 
Prayer and reading, which I need to do more of.
Is there a medical way?
*laughing* Yeah...vitamin M, the essential for every growing military man. (Me: For the civvies, Vitamin M is what the military calls Motrin. And yeah, they prescribe it for everything...headache? Motrin. Sprain? Motrin. Your leg just randomly fell off??? Extra Motrin!!)


Tim June 15, 2010 at 3:54 PM  

I love it! Thanks, Spitfire, for participating!


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