Men's Meme Monday - Overprotectiveness

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Men's Monday Meme

Monday has arrived, so we are starting our week by joining the Men's Meme at Families Again. Each week, they post a question, that we ladies may post on behalf of our men, but the man must be the one to answer. My beloved Gunlover adores all things Irish, so his answers will be posted in green. :) My love is still overseas, so we're discussing this over Skype. As things need clarified, I'll notate my additions to the discussion, but I won't answer the question or put in my 2 cents.

On with the question! Are we being overprotective? Are we so cautious that we have lost sight of what it means to be kind and generous and outgoing with one another? Are all of the warnings correct or have we become a worrisome society? Or, should we be more wary these days? Have times changed and there is no going back? What are your thoughts?

 I think we're overprotective on some aspects of life, and others not so much. We need to find a happy medium. 
(me) Could you clarify that? In what areas are we over protective?
 Overprotecting children from parents who won't help their children get drivers licenses. 
(me) Okay, so on the main post, she discusses a woman who wants to have "Leave Your Kids At the Park Saturday" where you just drop the kiddos off for 30 minutes, and leave them alone. No keeping an eye on them or anything. Your take?
I think she's retarded. You don't leave your kids alone at park these days. This day and age there's a lot of people who'd enjoy them...a lot of pedophiles.
(me) Also on this post there was a woman who refused to give an older woman a ride, because she didn't know her. Do you think age warrants rides and favors, or is a stranger still a stranger?
A stranger is still a stranger. No offense to old ladies, but they can be pretty crazy, and there's some of them packing heat these days. (me roflol cause no I have the image of Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies)
(me) Alright last question...I promise! You gave a situation where parents can still be overprotective. What scenarios are parents not protective enough?
Stuff they let their kids see, and listen to.


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