Sum It Up Saturday

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well this was a long week. Sometimes it was very fulfilling, others it was completely exasperating. It was fulfilling when I was getting our daughters room set up, getting some reading done, getting all the laundry done, organizing our room, getting groceries to hold me over for a couple of weeks, and purchasing some cookbooks to assist in menu making.
It was exasperating when I knocked my phone in the bathtub. When I thought I was done with the laundry, just to unpack a box, and discover something had been spilled on our daughters comforter before it was packed. Listing to Jewel ask me why I can't come get her yet. Those things made for frustrating pockets of time. But overall, it was a good week. I got more done on the house, than I thought I could. And it's only 25 days until I see my beloved Gunlover.


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