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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finish the Line
when i met you girl, my heart...wondered why it's always about girls? lol

i can make your...heart melt

now the party dont stop til...I say so :P

aint nobody gonna treat you better, aint nobody gonna... love you like I do

if you fall for me, im not...gonna let you forget it..hehe

in new york, concrete jungle where dreams...are lost in the taxis

i got 99 problems but...I can make it cause he loves me :)

because when i arrive, i, i bring the...weirdness

nobody wanna see us together...but that's just their tough luck

dont you compare me cause there aint nobody near me, there... ain't nobody like me (yeah I like that answer :) )

what would you do if your son love with me?

beautiful girls, all over the world. i could them if I had a

they can say whatever, imma do whatever...I want to


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